Monday, December 4, 2023

Meet The Team

  • Conrad J NewtonConrad is based in the Midlands, and has been a wrestling fan for the past 9 years. He got his start in wrestling journalism in the summer of 2019, where he joined the Brainbusta Original Press team. When there isn't wrestling to be watched or procrastinating to be done, Conrad is pursuing his Level 3 qualifications in media; an area he aims to study at university level.
  • GreegorsArk Just a wrestling fan that likes to write
  • Michael HymantorHello! I am Michael Hymantor and I’m a writer for Last Word of Pro Wrestling, I am the social manager of Wrestling Amino and a writer of Nearfalls Media. I cover primarily Puroresu & Joshi. I watch a lot of Pro Wrestling, television and spend most of my time either working out & preparing to dream to pursue Wrestling.
  • James CarlinWriting about women's professional wrestling in Japan, most notably for Monthly Puroresu magazine.
  • Mavis LaithI've been a wrestling fan since I was 6, and am absolutely obsessed with women's wrestling, and wrestling under the LGBTQIA spectrum.
  • Pete Milne AKA RGXA wrestling historian from Scotland obsessed with the business for almost 30 years, and at 35, I'm finally taking the leap to pursue a career in journalism. When I'm not writing about or watching wrestling, I enjoy classic video games and relaxing with my wife.
  • Sam RobertsA fan of professional wrestling and basketball, based in Scotland working for RCADE Glasgow. A graduate of The University of Glasgow in Sociology, and at the end of a Multi-Media Journalism masters at Glasgow Caledonian. I have successfully made several people TJPW addicts.